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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Time

SUMMER is one of the times that our family is stuck in our little town due to all of the busy farm work my husband must do, so we will have a crop to harvest in the fall. In a town of 1,50o I must say our activities are limited, but thankfully we do have a swimming pool and a family favorite, the drive-in theater.

Our days are full of blowing bubbles, swimming, playing in the sand box, visits to the park, riding bikes, ice cream breaks, popsicles, walks with 2 in the double stroller, library summer reading program, grilling out, gardening, and nights at the drive in.

Big brother has finally accepted that riding his bike is LOADS of FUN!!!! Yes, he still has training wheels and we will not be removing them this summer. It took 2 summers before he decided riding bikes was great. He may have training wheels until he is 10. ;)

Little Sis has learned to crawl and is walking around all of our furniture. It is driving big brother a bit crazy. Little sis is into EVERYTHING and wants to be doing exactly what he is doing. :)
She LOVES to go to the pool! She is saying dada, mama, hi, cat, nana, big brother's name, and uh oh.

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