It is estimated that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Soon it will be 5 million minus ONE!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I love the Christmas season! (Yes, I realize it is April.) What I love most about the season is that so many are so willing to give.  As Christmas day approaches the gift trees have very few tags left hanging as so many have granted a wish or a need of the name hanging on that tree, the donation boxes are overflowing with hats, coats and scarves, so many in cheerful moods, smiles meet at every turn.  I wish this was a feeling people kept in their hearts throughout the year, not for just a few very short months. I know many give to a charity monthly, which is fantastic. My challenge to you is to break out of your box and bring back your giving heart, keep it throughout the year, give to a family in need, a child in need, have a garage sale and donate all the proceeds to your favorite charity.
My inspiration was from a friend of mine who set up a lemonade and cupcake stand with her children last summer and all of the money donated was sent to help those suffering famine in the horn of Africa.

Do you have a favorite charity?