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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween from Mr. Potter & our little Bumble Bee

We had a great time treat or treating. My son was a bit confused about the meaning of the it all. He told me on the way to our neighbor's home that if she didn't have any treats, she may do a magic trick for us.

Little Miss would tell everyone she was a "bum bAH!"

What a fun night! Last year we knew we had a little girl across the world waiting for us to come and bring her home. It is just so fun to have her home with us this year to celebrate all of our holidays together as a family. Thank you God, for both of my little ones!!!!!!!

I'm back!

The fall is always a crazy few months for us. The Farmer becomes very busy with harvest; he is gone from 6:30 am to 10pm. These few months are always difficult, but I am shocked how much more with another child in the mix.
I am a high school one-act play coach 4 months in the fall; this year I am hosting the conference competition. My mornings begin at 5:45am, waking up two little ones, getting one ready for school, then off to practice, which begins at 7AM. After practice we drop brother off at preschool, and return home to complete choreographing our play or to work on the conference tournament with Little Miss in tow. Thank goodness for her morning nap!

Have I ever mentioned that the Little Miss is ALWAYS on the go? Here are her daily objectives:

Her #1 mission for each and every day is to pullout the electrical plug covers!!!!
Our Plan of Attack= Cover them with the baby outlet covers with used with our son. Mission FAILED! Tape over the outlets. Mission FAILED!!! Buy the covers that are labeled "very difficult to remove." FAILED horribly, she pulls these out in record time.
The Result = Chase her around the house at all times until she decided this game isn't fun anymore. Apparently, this is one of her favorite pass times, she shows no interest in giving up this sport.

Mission #2 = Trying to get any remote, computer, ipod, phone into her hands at all costs.
Our Plan of Attack = Place the electronic in a high place out of sight.
Result = Little Miss will climb onto the table, open drawers to climb onto the counters. Thank goodness we have heavy chairs. We think she may be in training to be the special forces.

Mission #3 = Enter brother's room and climb to the top bunk.
Our Plan of Attack = Keep brother's bedroom door closed.
Result - This works most of the time, until a little boy forgets to close it. I swear she walks down the hall to just check to see if the door is open.

We only have a few more weeks until my husband will be finished with harvest and we will settle back into a more normal routine for the winter. It is crazy how easy it is to take for granted a good father and husband when they are always there. We definitely miss C when he is gone. Hats off to all of the single parents out there!