It is estimated that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Soon it will be 5 million minus ONE!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ethiopian Friends and Blogging Mothers

I am "friends" or shall I say have been in contact with some of the other families who have adopted children from Ethiopia. Most of whom adopted from the same agency as us. I have read the blogs of these mothers waiting to bring their children home, we have contacted one another through emailed, or follow one another on fb. Some of these women I have never actually spoken to with the exception of written words. The interesting fact is that I have meet, taken photos of, played with, or even held their Ethiopian child while in country for our court date or to bring our daughter home.

When we arrived in Ethiopia to bring baby E home, there was one other family from our agency who was also going to be taking their little baby home. We introduced ourselves and then the name of our babies as we were on the way to the hotel. The couple said their little boy's name was D.....hmmmm...I was not sure if I knew him or not.......and then J shared his nickname....I immediately knew who their son was. The baby boy with the best smile in the baby house! He was in the same room as our daughter! During our first trip we played with D quite a bit simply because I couldn't resist his smile.

There was another mother, who asked if I would take photos of her little girl, ZW, while we were in country. I was so worried that I would be unable to find her due to the number of babies there, and I was uncertain if I would be able to pronounce her name correctly. This baby was also in my daughters room. ZW slept in the crib right beside my baby E, and they also had the same special mother, Seble. I couldn't believe it! Needless to say, I was able to take many photos of ZW and spend time playing with her also.

Yet another mother comes to mind. When she, J, was in Ethiopia to bring their son, JG, home; she contacted me through fb. The special mothers at HH told her she needed to contact me. It was a running joke at the transition home that our children were to be marriage. The special mothers had introduced me to JG when I was in Ethiopia.

I have loved watching their children, who are all home now, grow via photos on the internet. Any time new photos or videos are posted I show my daughter, E, her Ethiopian friends. She loves watching any of the new videos, but will also light up with a photo. I don't know if she remembers these faces, but they are part of her history. All these babies were in the same facility for at least 5 months of E's life. ZW slept beside her and D in the same 14x 20 room, my daughter would have recognized their cries, coos, and giggles. JG was just down the hall, but baby E and the others would have spent time in the playroom and outside together. All of these babies are connected. They were part of a "family" for a short time at the orphanage.

So please keep updating photos of your precious little ones and I will too. Some day in the future I do hope to meet all of you in person and bring some Ethiopian friends together again.

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  1. Love all my adoption mom friends! Don't know what I'd do without them!!!