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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's day - (better late than never)

Mother's day was a bittersweet day. As I was so overjoyed to be celebrated being a mother of two and thanking God to have our sweet daughter home, I couldn't help but wonder about E's Ethiopian mother. Where is she? What is she doing? Is she having a good day, week, year? Is she wondering how her little girl is? Is she wondering where her sweet baby is?I pray for this woman daily. I pray she has enough to eat, health, shelter, and that she has peace and happiness all the days of her life. If it was not for this woman, I would not have this amazing little girl. We will be forever connected and our little girl will be forever loved. Thank you for this precious little girl, she is such a joy and a light in my life every day.

The other woman who came to my mind on mother's day was E's special mother at HH, Seble. When E was brought to HH, Seble became her "special mother, " which means she was the main caregiver of my child during E's stay at HH. When we traveled to Ethiopia, it was easy to see that Baby E loved Seble and that Seble loved E. If I would be holding E and Seble would walk by, E would do whatever she could to gain Seble's attention, whether it was to reach for her, yell, or give her a huge smile. As soon as E was in her arms, E was at ease. We are so thankful that Seble was her special mother. Seble LOVED E. Seble showed E love and in return E knew how to give love.

One thing that is clear our daughter was and is LOVED!!!!!! Thank you so much to E's Ethiopian mother, her "special mother," Seble, and the other amazing women who loved E while she was in Ethiopia. I love and pray for all of you. Happy Mother's Day!!!

(photo - I love how Seble and I are both looking at E. - love)

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