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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I thought I would try something different than my usual posts. Yes, I realize I will not be offered a reality show any time soon, but this is a basically day at our home.
My day starts with coffee, Ethiopian coffee is my 1st choice. I am SO excited because I discovered a store within 100 miles carries fair trade Ethiopian coffee. YAY!!!! I know you are thinking 100 miles seems a bit extreme. If you only understood my location, the backwoods, you would share my excitement.
Big brother starts his day with," Mom, for breakfast I would like cheerios, raisins, and peanuts in a bowl with juice, please." Every morning this is his request and has been for nearly 18 months now. He eats his trail mix with his daily dose of PBS. I don't know why this surprises me; I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch for many years. This strange ritual began in kindergarten and ended sometime during the 3rd grade. That calculates to over 800 pb & j's if I only count school days. YIKES!
Little Sister will stand at the window nearly every morning begging to go outside to play.

Usually we head out around 10 either for a walk or the sand box. I think we finally have a handle on how much sand Little Sister is consuming.
Litte Sister was refusing to eat when I would try to feed her, so she is trying it out. Yes, messy, but as you can see she LOVES it!

More time outside - the water table is a hit!
Naptime - my favorite part is when she wakes up, and brother can't wait to play with her. He jumps in her crib and they will play alone together for nearly 20 minutes.
After nap more time is spend playing either at the park, in our backyard, or at the pool.
They day end with supper when Daddy comes home. After supper is playtime, bath time, and bedtime.
Bath time - She is such a little ham!
Our day in a nutshell - goodnight

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