It is estimated that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Soon it will be 5 million minus ONE!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

now what?!

Since the referral we have been completing all of the needed steps to accept baby E. After signing a whole stack of documents, chatting with our international pediatrician, social worker, and case worker, we submitted our final contracts into the mail today.We were hoping to have all of our contracts to the AGCI office by tomorrow. Since we are in the middle of nowhere land, when one sends a letter next day arrival, it takes 2 days. Oh well, all will be in Oregon on Monday morning when the offices open.

Our next step is another telephone conference with our case worker to discuss the court process, which will happen some time next week.

The good news is the Ethiopian courts open next week, which means adoption files will begin to be processed. We are praying for a court date to be set and that we will pass the 1st time. We are also praying that baby E will stay strong and healthy and will be home for Christmas.

Baby E is currently at HH in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which is a transition home owned by our agency. This is basically an orphanage, except many of the kids who reside here are in the process of being adopted. Here baby E receives all of her clothes, food, blankets etc. In the baby room there is one nanny to 3 babies, which is wonderful! This means that our daughter is being held, touched, and played with.

HH counts on parent donations to keep it stocked. We are also in the process of collecting a number of items for the kids at HH. If you are willing to donate any of these items (listed below), please let me know or drop them by. It is also going to cost extra to take all of the items with us. If you would like to donate shipping money that would be GREAT too. Here is a list of needed items:
For babies
diapers - half being for newborns
Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo
lotions, baby oils, baby wash
Diaper rash cream (prefer Desitin) - open to whatever you think works best
baby wipes
Advent baby bottles
Vegetable and soy- based formulas
infant bouncy seats
multivitamins for babies - liquid drops, also organic flax seed
The older kids (ages 4 through 13 years old)
Shoes - Crocs
dandruff shampoos
body soaps
lotions - for dry to ashy skin
regular size towels (pink and blue)

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  1. so exciting that you're completing all your "next steps" as they like to call it! yay!