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Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby E is here!!!!!

Our baby is here! Baby E was born ++++++++. (I cannot post any specifics such as birthdate, weight, lenght, etc. about our baby online until she is home with us.)But, I can said that she is absolutely beautiful!!! She has a head full of black, curly hair. I think when we bring her home she will be supporting a fro or pigtails.

The story of our referral - Thursday, September 16, 11:50
I was in the process of finishing my 4 year old son's (G) room. I had been taking all of the baby items off the walls and seussifying his room. My mother stopped by and took G to pick up some donuts. It was 11:50 a.m. and the phone rang. I looked and saw that it was AGCI!!! I told myself NOT to get too excited because the day before we had received an email from our case worker about the referrals being very slow this month.
I answered the phone, "Hello."
"Is this K?"
"Yes," I answered.
"How are you? How is the waiting going?"
I am thinking, oh no, she is just calling for just a monthly update. CRUSHED! I reply,"Well, it's getting long, but we are ok."
Then she proceeded, "I have a little girl I would like to talk to you about."
"You DO??!!??!!!
At this time my mom entered with G. My son, G is yelling,"Daddy's home, daddy's home!!!!!"
I walk into the kitchen in shock, "It is the CALL. OUR REFERRAL! The BABY!!!"
My mom took G outside to play while C and I learned all about our little girl! The entire time K is telling us all about baby E; C was smiling ear to ear. I was shaking, crying, and laughing, completely emotionally overwhelmed! The time has finally arrived, we have a DAUGHTER!!! Just like that. As we were opening the different referral documents, we had our first glimpse of our little beauty. We both gasped! Our case worker, K stopped and said, "Is everything ok?" I was crying, so C answered , "We opened the wrong file; we just saw our daughter." She is just perfect! She is such a beautiful baby. We can't wait to meet our little sweetheart. After the phone call we called in G and my mom to see our new addition. What an absolutely wonderful day!!!!
I don't know how we are suppose to keep living a normal life when our baby is clear across the world. We are praying God will just give all of us peace as we prepare ourselves for the court process.
We love you, Baby E. We hope to see you very soon.


  1. FINALLY!!! Wow. And just like that, you have a daughter. A tiny baby daughter. Congratulations! I know you must just be so excited right now! It is not going to be long now before you are holding that precious girl in your arms... forever. I am so very happy for you.

    When we got our referrals I cried like a baby, and my hands were shaking so hard I could hardly write.

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you and your family! Praise God!! =)

    Now #1 for baby girl

  3. We got our call today! Our baby T was born on August 6th! She is sooo very tiny...just 5.7 lbs. We are praying for her health and are dying to see our new beauty!! Congratulations on your little E and keep in touch...we might be traveling together :)! Connie

  4. Congratulations!!!! I know you're just THRILLED!