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Friday, August 5, 2011

Am I Being Ridiculous?

Last weekend we celebrated the Little Miss' 1st birthday early due to my family being home. As she tore into the gifts covered with wrapping paper covered with "white" Disney princesses and opened cards with other "white" dolls or figurines, I couldn't help but wonder what is this teaching her. I realize how difficult it is to find a card or wrapping paper, if one wants it to be primarily girly, not be covered with princesses or light-skinned little girls, fairies, etc. I also realize that no one meant any harm that is what one has always done when giving a gift to a caucasian girl. Little Miss is all new to both sides of the family. Yes, she is the first person in our immediate families to have dark skin.

My question is where do we draw the line? I bought a few years back a doll house with both light and dark skinned dolls. For her birthday we bought her a African American rag doll; I was shocked how difficult it was to find a doll that had AA hair. So many of the AA dolls out there are just the caucasian doll's mold with brown dye. :(

I just want my daughter to grow up and love the person she is! I want her to love her skin color, her hair, etc. I want her to embrace her Ethiopian heritage. I want her to love herself. I wonder what message are we sending to her when she is given the blue eyed, blonde haired dolls, cards, paper, etc?

Am I making too big of a deal about this? Please help. I would love the suggestions of other families in this situation.

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