It is estimated that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Soon it will be 5 million minus ONE!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three weeks ago today

Three weeks ago today we received confirmation that we had a confirmed embassy date for Monday, December 10th. We would be leaving the following day. It was one of the happiest days of my life! We celebrated by having a dance party in my son's room while listening to "It's time for Africa." I danced, cried, and laughed all at the same time; I didn't know it was even possible to have this many emotions at once. What a spectacular day!

I have heard that one's life is made up of 7 to 10 significant or life changing days. Here are mine so far: 1. my wedding day, 2. the day I found out I was pregnant, 3. the day I became a mother, 4. seeing my daughter's face for the first time, 5. the confirmation call to go and bring by daughter home. I can't imagine what could possible be better than the days I have listed so far.

I will update our how our lives have changed from being a family of three to a family of four, but I am too tired tonight and have to go to bed.

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