It is estimated that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Soon it will be 5 million minus ONE!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you to all who have donated! :)

We are still in the process of collecting donations for Hannah's Hope and the Belthazatha Orphanage. So far we have collected 19 pair of shoes, 20 cans of formula, 2 boppies, 2 packages of preemie diapers, 1 package of newborn diapers, 9 baby spoons, and 1 preemie outfit,1 package of onesies, 1 bottle of Desitin, baby lotion, and some baby toys. Thank you everyone!
If you would still like to donate, here is an updated list of items that Hannah's Hope is in need of:
All of the items in bold are what is needed most.
Diapers of all sizes; please include preemie diapers and size 2
Developmental toys for ages 0-18 months - rattles, mobiles, anything that would be stimulating for that age group- MUCH NEED FOR THESE TOYS!
Baby clothes for ages infant-8months old
formula-vegetable based Similac, and soy based Similac, as well as regular formula
Children clothing: Must be in new or like new condition
Light jackets for all ages
Boys clothing for ages 6-10 years
Girls clothing ages 6-13 years
Underwear for all ages - please consider slim clothing
Shoes for all ages but especially for older boys and girls. Prefer crocs.
Bottles: Avent bottles for both 8-12 ounce feedings
Diaper rash cream: Desitin is preferred, but A&D ointment or 'butt paste' is also useful
Baby shampoo, and baby oil
Blow up balls/outside toys
Sidewalk chalk
Children's DVD and VHS tapes
Men and women's deodorant
Good quality electric shaver
Medical Needs - These meds are also very much needed!!!!
powdered pedialyte
Sulbutamol (bronchodilator)
Hyoscine (antispasmodic)
Myconazole (oral gel)
Ceftriaxone (250 mg)
Vitamin D syrup

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