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Monday, July 19, 2010

Adoption Timeline

Timeline August 2009 -January 2011 = just under 17 months
August 24, 2009 - Our application was approved by AGCI!
September and October - We are finishing our homestudy and all of the other paper for our dossier.
November - #46
We sent in all of our USCIS info!
December - #43
January 2010- #36
February- #32
March - #27
April- #22
We were finally fingerprinted!
May- #14
June - #12
We finally recieved our USCIS approval!
July -#9
August #3
August 19th - Unoffically #1
September 2nd - OFFICIALLY #1 !!!!!!
September 18th - REFERRAL!!!!!
October 11th - We have a COURT DATE!!!
November 8th - Baby's court date was passed!!! (We were NOT be present for this.)
December 4th - On a plane to Ethiopia!
December 6th - We met Baby E for the 1st time!
December 8th - We passed our COURT! E is "legally" OURS!!!!!
December 9th - We had to tell our baby goodbye.
January 4th - AGCI called our case has been cleared. Now waiting for a confirmed embassy date.
January 5th - We HAVE an embassy date for MONDAY
January 6th - We are on a plane.
January 7th - We are still on a plane.
January 8th - We have our daughter in our arms!!!!!
January 10th - Embassy date
January 12th/13th - All 3 of us are on a plane and heading home!!!!
January 13th, 2011- We are all home for the first time as a family of 4.

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